Thursday, June 29, 2017

Best Chair for Office Workers

What is the best chair for programmers or office workers who have to spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer?

Main problem is that the work will require us to work in front of our laptops / tablet for a long time. Apart from encouraging them to get out from their desks or workspaces for a moment. I would like to find a solution that make their workspaces become more comfortable.

I've spent many but hours in many of the chairs listed and love the Sunview,  Leap and 24 hour. I've also sat on knock offs of these that have been great. The biggest difference is the knock offs tend not to last.

At the same time I've been in a lot of offices that have chairs that drive me nuts. They are designed as if your hands are on the keyboard and eyes intently on the screen the entire time you are sitting. Like a factory worker poised on the assembly line ready to deal with oncoming items.
A programmer needs to do one thing more often then any other. Contemplate. There I said it. Programmers do their most important work leaning back and thinking through the problem at hand rather than just jamming away at buttons. If you think otherwise, the type of programming you are familiar with is in jeopardy of being automated away as time goes on.
To contemplate I need to move away from the computer, but not always leave it. Take my hands off of the keyboard and mouse. Lean back from the monitor and let my eyes change focus. A chair needs arm rests, and a joint that lets you rock back some. It should also take your weight comfortably as you do this.
That said, I've written code standing at a rack that was critical for operations for years. So get back to work. :-) Sunview Seating is the largest Office Chairs Manufacturers in Delhi

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